Cast UK have sourced a logistics project consultant for boiler and renewable energy company Ideal Heating. The appointment is a reminder of the diverse recruitment requirements of the logistics industry and of Cast UK’s ability to fill the complete range of positions.

Ideal Heating is a company with over a century of heritage, and although technology has moved on immeasurably since their founding, they are still performing essential the same task: introducing means of supplying heat to British homes.

As the company evolved, their manufacturing and aftermarket systems had been outsourced to external service providers, and in line with their strategic vision the company wanted to move this important logistics task in-house. This meant bringing in some talent on a consultancy basis to plan and oversee the changes, and they asked Cast UK for their assistance in finding the best person for the job.

Recruitment consultancy Cast UK were chosen because logistics is one of their three areas of expertise, the other two being procurement and supply chain. Operating solely at managerial and executive level, they reach every corner of the UK and also recruit for overseas positions.

Gary Robinson, MD of Cast UK Logistics knew from the start that they would be able to fill this position. “Cast UK are well positioned to effectively and quickly turn around interim recruitment assignments making the process as simple as possible for our clients. We filled this particular role in a week and the candidate is now applying his knowledge to this complex task in an employment model that suits him and the company.”