The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has expressed its concerns over the level of security currently provided to drivers and vehicles in transit as they shuttle goods across borders between EU member states.

Speaking at the Transport Select Committee hearing on European Land Transport Security on Monday (January 28th), FTA general manager Chris Welsh spoke about the need to provide greater protection to lorry drivers and other workers within the supply chain in order to safeguard the European logistics sector and help businesses progress across the continent.

Of particular concern are issues such as cargo theft from vehicles, stowaways on lorries and coaches, and co-operation between EU member states.

The negative effects and loss of revenue caused by these security threats are hindering the ability of road fleet operators to increase the number of supply jobs currently on offer.

Mr Welsh is now calling for the creation of a specialist group within the EU which will look at ways to increase security in transport and implement solutions to minimise risks to drivers and logistics suppliers.

The European Commission (EC) is currently looking to identify ways in which transport security can be improved, and is in the process of collaborating with governments and businesses in order to get their opinions on the matter.

The EC admits that "although public transport (tram, bus, metro), rail and high-speed rail transport are the most important modes of passenger transport and that road, rail and inland waterways transport huge quantities of freight both within and to/from the EU, there is today no coherent approach to land transport security in the EU."

However, Mr Welsh is concerned not only with how this problem can be addressed, but also with who should fund the new security measures.

Addressing the UK parliamentary select committee, Mr Welsh insisted that the bill for additional security should not be footed by the logistics suppliers themselves, as this could have a detrimental effect on the overall capacity of the European supply chain.

Instead, the FTA is calling for more government and EU spending in order to provide the necessary security staff and measures in order to safeguard cargo in transit across the continent.

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