Although Tennants Distribution can date its origins back to the 1700s, it's a thoroughly modern company, storing, manufacturing and delivering bulk chemicals all over the world. Their operation is complex enough from a commercial standpoint, with powdered, solid and liquid materials in its portfolio, but considering the amount of safety regulation and legal compliance they have to deal with faultlessly, it's clear to see that they need managers and directors plucked from the highest ranks of industry.

In October 2012 an opportunity arose for the position of Depot and Operations Manager at a Tennants' depot, and they approached Cast UK to create a shortlist for them. This was no accident; Cast UK has become the go-to company within the logistics, supply chain and procurement sectors. The recruitment consultancy deals only with these industries, at managerial and executive level, and sources all its own staff from within those sectors too. Based out of offices in Manchester, Birmingham and London, Cast UK deals with the whole of the UK and into Europe. The consultancy successfully found the ideal candidate for Tennants, thus saving them the time and expense of doing it alone, as well as giving them access to Cast UK's impressive database of manager-level candidates.

Cast UK's Managing Director Wayne Brophy was pleased with placing yet another manager with a leading distribution company. “This was not the sort of job anyone with logistics experience could walk straight into,” he said. “The candidate chosen by Tennants had a very specific set of skills, and to find them in one person probably would have taken many months for the company. It was great to be able to speed up the process and find a quality candidate.”