Large numbers of new logistics jobs could soon be created in Sheffield after it was announced that a major company is to significantly expand its warehouse facility.

DBL Logistics has received a £1.8 million investment from HSBC for the construction of a brand new 33,500 sq ft warehouse on Tinsely Road, followed by a 16,500 sq ft extension next year, enabling it to greatly increase its storage, handling and distribution capabilities, Insider Media reports.

The company currently employs 22 people at its base in Europa Close, although the new facility is likely to result in a substantial recruitment drive as DBL expands its warehouse capacity from 1,500 to 9,000 pallets.

Construction is due to start next month, with the first phase set to be completed in around half a year, before the final phase of the project gets underway in May 2014.

David Clarkson, managing director of DBL Logistics, commented: "This is an exciting development for the business and will significantly increase our capacity to provide warehousing and distribution services for companies across the country."

In addition to the extra warehouse and handling staff likely to be taken on by the company, new transport management positions could also become available as DBL looks to expand its fleet of vehicles from 15 to 25 in order to support the extra stock.

Meanwhile, logistics managers across the country will be interested to hear that Potter Logistics has purchased a new top-of-the-range reachstacker from Linde in order to handle cargo containers at its rail freight terminal in Selby.

Reachstackers are continually advancing, providing greater load management efficiency, and the latest model from Linde comes with a EURO 4i (Tier 3b) engine, enabling it to minimise emissions and maximise fuel efficiency.

Nigel Richardson, sales manager of Linde UK Heavy Trucks, said: "We have fitted this line of reachstackers with a load management system which carefully monitors and protects the machine’s overall structure, operating limits and the operator interface.”

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