In the high-tech world, “wholesale” has a very different meaning to that of, say, the foodstuffs industry. The items are generally physically small, but so are the numbers per delivery, which can range from single digits to dozens, compared to the tens of thousands of items wholesalers consign to supermarkets.

But this doesn’t mean it’s any easier to run a warehouse in a high-tech wholesaler’s. The number of orders can be high, and individual products can have a relatively short lifespan before they are superseded by new models. Security and the need for extra-careful handling also play their parts. Elite Mobile, a London-based wholesaler of mobile phones, tablet PCs and accessories, were searching for an Operations Director to run their warehouse and distribution, so went to Cast UK to find just the right person.

Cast UK is a recruitment consultancy that deals only with three interconnected sectors: supply chain, procurement and logistics, all at managerial and executive level. Warehousing and distribution are parts of this sector, which led Elite Mobile to their door. The consultancy is well positioned in the market as it hires only people from those industries as consultants; when a client or candidate gets in touch, they know they are talking to someone who understands their needs.

Elite Mobile had a list of specific requirements for their director to fulfil. Thanks to Cast UK’s wide-ranging portfolio of executives, they helped Elite fill the position in double-quick time.

“Elite Mobile’s list of specs was pretty rigorous,” said Wayne Brophy, Cast UK’s founder and MD, “but the operations director we found them came from a similar background and fit the role as though he were the final piece of a jigsaw. It was a textbook demonstration of how Cast UK’s focus and understanding is of vital assistance to candidates and employers.”