With government spending set to decrease as a result of further austerity measures, the need to upgrade Britain's transport links is increasingly being placed in the hands of private investors.

The country's ability to retain its position at the forefront of global business is likely to depend on the continual improvement and expansion of logistical facilities, with new and emerging markets demanding an increasingly efficient transport network.

Following the publication last week of the National Audit Office's (NAO) update on the National Infrastructure Plan, which highlighted a greater need to attract private investors to bankroll £310 billion worth of upgrade works, a number of projects have entered the pipeline.

According to The Scotsman, the Scottish and UK governments will be investing £100 million in the Caledonian Sleeper train, currently run by ScotRail, in an attempt to attract bids from new operators to take over the service from April.

Many of the carriages on the train are several decades old and will now receive extensive renovation work, including the installation of showers, TVs and Wi-Fi connections.

It is hoped that improving the service will entice more business travellers to opt for the train, which connects Edinburgh and Glasgow to London, therefore easing congestion on other key transport links such as the motorway network.

Meanwhile, Bristol Airport is set to undergo extensive regeneration in the next few years, with a new aircraft turning zone to be installed in order to allow the facility to cater for larger planes.

Plans are also in place to re-introduce non-European flights, after the airport's New York connection was cancelled in 2010.

Currently, the lack of non-European airport connections in key areas of the UK, such as the South West, is placing an unnecessary strain on other transport networks as tourists and businesspeople are forced to travel large distances to reach an international airport.

Continued private investment in transport facilities could help streamline the country's logistics sector, with a profound effect on the nature and availability of supply chain jobs across the UK.

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