The electronics market is currently one of the fastest growing retail sectors, with continual technological advancements and product upgrades driving an increased demand for the latest gadgets.

Manufacturers of items such as smartphones, tablets and internet-connected televisions are constantly trying to out-do each other, with the result being shorter product life cycles due to a reduction in intervals between releases.

All of this is having a profound effect on the way we live our lives, with technology becoming more and more commonplace and integrated into our everyday activities. This increased reliance on gadgets is another driver of consumer demand, as the need to own the very latest products becomes more pressing.

As a result, electronics manufacturers face growing logistical challenges, with more efficient transport and supply chain management now needed in order to satisfy the rising expectations of the market.

Panasonic has therefore teamed up with leading global logistics provider DHL Supply Chain, which will now manage the company's warehouse and transport management operations.

The £100 million contract will see DHL assume end-to-end responsibility of Panasonic's supply chain, which it hopes to revolutionise with the addition of several brand new efficiency-enhancing features.

Panasonic's existing warehouse facility will be converted into a technology campus, featuring a transport control tower from where all supply chain operations will be monitored and organised.

Nigel Cowmeadow, chief supply chain officer at Panasonic Europe, says the development of the company's logistics network will enable it to meet the "emerging needs of the technology sector", therefore helping it to drive and satisfy the rapidly evolving "demands of current and new markets".

More efficient supply chain management will also help electronics retailers deal with consumers' growing dependence on online shopping, particularly when it comes to buying technology.

Amazon recently announced that electronic goods accounted for a large number of its top-selling items on 'Black Friday', with its own Kindle emerging as the most purchased tablet of the day.

The advancements being made within the electronics supply chain are likely to result in the creation of a large number of new jobs and could well help thousands of candidates launch their careers in logistics.

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