Increasing the efficiency of transport links and management are likely to become key targets for the logistics sector in the coming year, after a recent study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research revealed the total cost of traffic congestion in the UK to be £4.3 billion, according to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

In response, a separate survey of logistics and supply chain professionals has indicated that 70 per cent of logistics service providers (LSPs) are now planning to use more sophisticated technology to manage their operations by investing in new transport managing and freight forwarding software.

The study by research and analysis firm Transport Intelligence also revealed that 62 per cent of firms surveyed cited transport management software as one of their most important operational tools.

In an attempt to improve the efficiency of transport networks in the UK, the Welsh government has announced plans to build a number of new suburban railway stations in Cardiff, therefore allowing more people to take the train and ease the congestion on the roads, which is becoming increasingly problematic in the city.

A new report by Vaughan Gething of Cardiff South and Penarth’s local assembly, along with transport consultant Mark Barry, has highlighted the necessity for such a development after revealing that around 15,000 of the city’s residents are not connected to the rail network, and with the population of the Welsh capital expected to rise by around 60,000 in the next 14 years the traffic problem will only become worse.

Removing a substantial number of cars from the roads will help LSPs carry out their operations and enable the proliferation of freight routes, possibly resulting in the creation of new transport manager jobs.

Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones has also cited the nationalisation of Cardiff airport as a key factor in enabling the development of the country’s logistics infrastructure.

Plans to purchase the airport from current owners TFI are currently being discussed, with a decision on whether or not to go ahead with the takeover expected in the next few months.

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