Is the battle between your Sales and Ops all about S&OP?

Or are KPIs the real problem?

Inventory Policy: Focus on your core and trim the fat

For many out there this is the ‘January’ of the working world. A new financial year, new plans, strategies, hopes and dreams…. 


My Supply Chain Resolutions are as important now as ever. In this blog, I’m going to look deeper into my second Supply Chain resolution “Focus on Your Core and Trim the Fat”. It’s all about inventory policy and Core product identification.

Getting this right will improve a whole host of things throughout your entire supply chain; warehousing and logistics costs, procurement saving opportunities, write down savings and availability improvements, ultimately leading to increased sales revenue and a healthier bottom line.

Collaboration is 'key' in supply chain management

Collaboration has been described as “key” for supply chain management if disasters such as the Rana Plaza factory collapse are to be avoided.