Maternity cover matters

In the UK, it is estimated that around 340,000 women take maternity leave each year and the trends that we see with our clients reflect this, regularly recruiting to fill temporary senior positions across UK Head Office’s.

4 signs you need the help of a specialist recruiter

Struggling to find the right kind of candidates for your senior level vacancies? You know what you need in a candidate but can’t seem to secure the correct talent?

Don’t panic, here’s 4 warning signs that you need some help from a specialist professional recruiter…

Talent hot spots and talent shortages

Where your business is located is a crucial factor that can dictate the degree of ease, or difficulty your company has in attracting the best talent on the market.

Specialist recruiters; it's what they know AND who they know

Some say that in an intense and competitive job market, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

As specialist recruiters who concentrate on very specific specialisms (procurement, buying, supply chain & logistics), in very specific industries, we would argue that its actually what we know AND who we know that sets us apart.

Does the path ahead excite you?

Have you started a career in supply chain, purchasing, buying, merchandising or logistics? Does the career path you have in front of you excite you? If not, read on….

Employers need to move fast to access a shrinking talent pool

Extended recruitment processes are proving a major stumbling block for employers in a market that is witnessing a real battle for talent.