ROI: Are Interim Managers good value for money?

We often encounter clients that tell us day rates for interim managers amount to daylight robbery, but is that really the case? There are many benefits to using an interim manager, they are often less expensive than you think & the ROI they bring is invaluable.

Comparing PAYE & Interim Managers

The biggest mistake clients make is to simply take the day rate & x it by the number of working days in the year, for example 260 x £500 is made to look like an annual salary of £130k!

In fact, this is far from the truth. In simple terms day rates should be calculated like this:

Interim vs fixed-term contract

Some employers believe that when you need temporary staff, hiring on a fixed-term contract is the most commercially beneficial and risk free option.

This is true in some scenarios but for business undergoing transformation or a change project, adapting to a new set of processes, an interim manager will be a better option. Read on for the reasons why…

Contract workers become central to employer hiring strategies

In January, eight out of ten employers believed the economic conditions to be improving and consequently 99% of UK employers plan to increase their number of contract workers over the next quarter.