Do’s and don’ts of video interviewing

Having launched our new video interviewing software, Broadcast, our clients are increasingly using it as an essential step in their hiring process to pre-screen or interview candidates. Whilst interviewing from wherever you want is convenient and easy, there’s some common mistakes that candidates must avoid. Get your video interviewing technique right and it’s a great way to stand out from the competition.

Preparing for interview

Securing an interview is both a huge accomplishment and a nerve-wracking situation.  

While it is completely normal to feel nervous, it is essential that you are as prepared as possible. Preparation will see that you are as comfortable and confident as possible during an interview,  which contributes hugely to your potential success.

Kick start your job search

Ready to take your next step on the career ladder but not quite sure where to start? It's likely that you need a little structure to really get going with your job hunt so we’ve put together a few quick pointers to help kick start your job search.

Why you’d be mad to accept a counter offer

Resigning from your job or accepting a new job offer are not decisions to be taken lightly.

It’s likely you have taken lots of things into consideration before handing in your letter of resignation, so how could you possibly be bought back so easily by a counter offer?

Should you risk lying on your CV?

You may think that telling a few little white lies to land you an interview can’t do any harm; turning a day manning the phones in your dad’s office into ‘extensive administration and customer service experience’ or filling in an employment gap by extending the dates on your previous roles. The truth is that you’re telling a big fat lie, here’s a few reasons why you might think twice about lying on your CV in the future;

4 fantastic reasons for a summertime job search!

There is often a perception that companies slow down on hiring during the summer months but this assumption is simply not true. Take a look and see for yourself, there are just as many vacancies as any other time of year.

Our top tips on how to survive the first week of your new job

The first week of a new job can be daunting, getting to grips with your new role and what is expected of you is sometimes a scary prospect.

Firstly, relax…remember that your new employer has already decided you’re the right person for the job. All you need to do now is make a good impression and get to know your new team.

Your CV in 6.25 Seconds

As I turn my attention to the world of interim recruitment, I wanted to share some advice regarding CVs that I have learned over the last 8 years of working in recruitment.

Soft skills favoured over technical knowledge in graduates

In a report by education provider, Kaplan, it has been suggested that employers value confidence and effective communication over technical knowledge when recruiting graduates.

CAST UK sees the importance of nurturing lasting client relationships

Specialist recruitment company, Cast UK,  recognises the positive effect client relationships has on placement success, as the company has been analysing their extensive database and found that the rate of successfully placing candidates increases to a staggering 80% if they involve a face-to-face client briefing meeting.