Project recruitment is a hot topic at the moment, this is when we take ownership of the recruitment requirements for whole projects, sites or operations.

Recently, we fulfilled a new site project for Bunzl Catering Supplies in Harlow, for which we managed the end-to-end recruitment process for all roles on a new site with a combined salary value of £1 million. This involved hiring 47 roles ranging from operations & transport managers, supervisors, stock & inventory controllers, warehouse operatives and drivers.

What are the benefits of Project Recruitment?


Your chosen recruitment partner has full ownership of the recruitment project and is therefore wholly accountable for the process and the hires made.

Best use of your time

Hiring for a whole site often means volume. Using a recruitment partner to manage this means that you are free to concentrate with the day to day running of your operation as you should.

Pre-agreed project timescales

Project milestones pre-agreed at the start by working with your consultant to create a tailored and detailed project plan, with pre-agreed actions and timescales.

One point of contact

You have one main, dedicated point of contact minimising calls and reducing the risk of duplicating conversations. Weekly account reviews and project updates can be scheduled into the project plan.

Brand ambassadors

Talking to candidate’s day in, day out about roles at every level of your operation, your consultant is an extension and an ambassador for your brand; promoting your opportunities and business.

Comprehensive search

An industry specialist recruitment partner is able to conduct a comprehensive database search and has access to an extensive network of active candidates with the required skills usually beyond your reach.

Extended networks

Your consultant can undertake a targeted / headhunt search of suitable inactive candidates in their network.

Commercial sense

It is a commercially beneficial way of working as you can agree set fees for every placement made in advance. Payment terms can be phased throughout the project so you won’t face one lump sum at the end.

Saves your time

Your recruitment partner can handle all 3rd party and internal applications, pre-screen all candidates to determine their suitability and carry out all 1st stage interviews and any testing required, saving you valuable time and every.

Offer & on-boarding management

The right partner can provide a positive candidate experience and advice throughout the project. They will manage candidate on-boarding and offer aftercare support to ensure candidates are engaged during their notice period and settle well in to their new role.

If you have plans to recruit multiple roles, perhaps for a specific project, your latest operation or a new site, get in touch to find out how we work in collaboration to find the best talent! Contact us on 0161 825 0825 or email


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