We believe that video interviewing is the next big thing for recruitment and that’s why we’re excited to launch our new BroadCAST video suite!

We’re all about forward thinking, it’s in our company motto that we’re always striving for better and we never stand still.


We’ve been thinking about the benefits of offering video interviewing and conference call software to our candidates and clients:
  1. It's versatile

Our new BroadCAST product can be used in many different ways to streamline your recruitment process, including:

  • Video job briefs
  • Candidate screening
  • First stage interviews
  • Video meetings and conference calls
  • Candidate promotion videos
  • Screen sharing (discuss CV’s, job briefs, social profiles, online portfolios, work samples, presentations, etc.). 
  1. It's flexible

Who wants to be tied to a schedule? BroadCAST allows you to enter one of our virtual meeting rooms whenever and wherever you need to, meaning communicating with top talent is easier than ever. Using your laptop, mobile or tablet it doesn’t matter where you are, if you’ve got an internet connection you can attend your meeting or interview at the click of a link.

  1. It saves you time

The best talent on the market is likely to be time-pressurised candidates struggling to schedule interviews in their busy diary, not to mention your busy diary as the interviewer! Video interview means you’re much more likely to agree a time convenient for you both and location need not matter at all.

Our new BroadCAST software allows you to record all interviews and conference calls, so there’s no need to be scribbling down notes as you speak. Additionally, rather than summarising the interview yourself, you can simply share the recording with whoever you need for them to review.

  1. It speeds up the recruitment process

Video interviewing should completely replace telephone interviewing as it provides the perfect platform to conduct candidate screening or first stage interviews.

Using video interviews at this early stage lets employers meet a vast number of candidates quickly and get a sense of who they are. Although this can be done over the phone, video brings everything to life and allows people to show their personality better.

  1. It saves money

There’s no question that video can reduce both the travel expenses for both candidates and interviewers) and any travel time associated with face-to-face interviewing. These cost savings are even more significant when you factor in situations international talent or interviewers are involved and when the parties are in different time zones.


Interested? If you'd like to find out how our BroadCAST facility can benefits you in your recruitment process, get in touch today on 0161 825 0825 or email hello@castuk.com



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