The latest news about Michael Page’s massive data leak comes as an unwelcome surprise to the world of recruitment. It was confirmed yesterday that an estimated 780,000 of their global job applicants have been accidentally leaked by IT consultants Capgemini.

As IT systems become increasingly sophisticated and the world stores more and more data, security is increasingly becoming an issue with large amounts of data seemly hacked or leaked from many household big-name corporations.

While it appears in this instance that Michael Page’s database backup was downloaded from a website it had been published to, this does not diminish the breach of data confidentiality for the 780,000 candidates involved.

As an industry, recruiters go to great lengths to protect confidential data, not least because it is a legal requirement in the UK, but a recruitment consultancy’s database is essentially our most valuable asset. Our database here at Cast UK contains thousands of contacts and candidates that can’t just be summoned up on LinkedIn, meaning that the specialist value we offer to clients is without question, especially in the current candidate-led skills gap climate

Security is a thing we take extremely seriously as we are constantly looking to improve our systems and services. In a demanding and increasingly uncertain world, it is an ever-present consideration with every step we take.

As a global brand, Michael page will undoubtedly be feeling disappointed with their partners Capgemini, but in a world where data is king & a recuitment agency's most prized possession, it goes to show that you can never be too careful.

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