Specialist recruitment company, Cast UK,  recognises the positive effect client relationships has on placement success, as the company has been analysing their extensive database and found that the rate of successfully placing candidates increases to a staggering 80% if they involve a face-to-face client briefing meeting.

Cast UK puts this success down to developing strong relationships with clients which are substantially strengthened through on-site client visits, allowing them to gain an in-depth understanding of the sectors in which it operates, and more importantly the company’s culture. By doing this, Cast UK can understand and even anticipate the needs of employers and match candidates that will best suit the job.

The company’s commitment to exceptional service and building rewarding and lasting relationships is why over 70% of its business is repeat business.

Employee retention, especially within the first year of employment, is vital to businesses. Cast UK believe the key to ensuring a successful placement is finding a good culture fit between company and candidate. When someone leaves it has a detrimental effect on the organisation’s finances and ability to perform, as it’s a loss of knowledge and skills and can cost anywhere between a thrid and three quarters of a person’s annual salary to turn over a position.

Sir Richard Branson discussed the importance of employee retention in Entrepreneur magazine: “Don’t wait until an employee comes to you and says they are ready to leave before you start thinking about what their goals are and what keeps him happy – this should be part of your hiring decision. Before you make a prospect a job offer, be sure to consider how their plans for their career fit with your company’s. If there’s a real mismatch, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to work together long.”

Commenting on the importance of thinking about employer retention strategies right from the outset, Managing Director at Cast UK, Wayne Brophy said: “Personality clashes and not feeling valued by an employer are the top reasons people leave their jobs.

“We want to ensure that the candidates we place are happy and remain in their jobs way past the initial 12 months, because that ensures a mutually beneficial relationship between client and employee. It’s a clear win-win. We work with a broad client base, from SMEs to the majority of FTSE 500 companies in the UK, so getting the right fit for a candidate is crucial to our client relationships. We firmly believe our success rate is a testament to our passion and commitment, coupled with expert knowledge and experience in the sectors in which we operate.”


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